16 year old Stabbing in Sydenham

I have been forced to make a post on something that I saw that upset me yesterday early evening.

I left work and was heading to my old local Barbers. I got off the bus near the edge of Home Park Lower Sydenham and as I’m crossing the road to get to the barbers, 8-12 boys some in school uniform are jogging past me throwing “stuff” into the park bushes which I didn’t pay much notice to at the time. Once I crossed the road I notice that there was a scene going on up the road about 50 metres up and when I look back, all the guys that passed me had run off. I walk past my barber shop and see a few people at Morley’s a little further on looking into the shop. As I progress there is a boy in the shop on the floor not breathing or moving and he looked extremely pale…. I step back, look around, take my headphones out and realise the boys that passed me had possibly stabbed/beaten up this boy to what it seemed at the time, to death! I start walking back to the barbers wondering what on earth happened. I then hear a screech and turn around… It’s his mum !! She jumps out the car screaming “THATS MY SON !!!”….. she only but takes a few steps and stops, she can’t bear to look and turned away and collapsed screaming “THEY HAVE KILLED MY SON”. For me, that is the most disturbing part. Another mother having to see this happen to her son.

When will it stop?

If you saw or heard anything. DO SOMETING ABOUT IT. NOW !!!!!!

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